It´s time for ice cream fun

Ice-cream is one of the most popular foods for all ages. Flavor, texture, color, presentation and toppings offer a world of possibilities for innovation.

Our mouth waters at the prospect of tasting the most recent innovations in the market: Fresh Strawberry Rhubarb, Salty Caramel, Hellagood Lavender, Lemongrass coconut or Banana A´Peel. These are among great new flavor combinations including a selection of wine ice-creams.

Ice-cream with Pop Rocks Apple and Strawberry

Toppings are also an incredible source of new experiences. We particularly enjoy toppings where nostalgy and innovation meet to bring back exceptional memories in an unexpected, fun way. Pop Rocks® popping candy is the topping that best brings generations together for a fun experience, a recreation of those carefree days enjoying a frozen treat with friends.

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