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Pop Rocks® likes to stay closely tied to our consumers and what is important to them. That´s why we are involved with sports and events that reflect our values, team spirit and provide great experiences in a fun environment.

Reus Roller Skating World Championship with Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks® reaches out to every level of sport, both at international and local level, actively supporting athletes from various disciplines and of all ages.

In 2014 Pop Rocks® sponsored Roller Artistic Skating Clubs and a number of events at international level related with this sport that shares with us the values of effort, teamwork and healthy competition.

Pop Rocks® also supported international programs of Special Olympics, because we believe they make a positive impact in the community. Races against cancer and other charitable events are other opportunities we take to support unity, courage and tolerance in society.

Our company is delighted to get involved with sports that build a sense of teamwork and embody the powers of dedication and determination.

Pop Rocks sponsors Olot Roller Skating Club
Pop Rocks in Reus roller skating championship

This year Pop Rocks® will continue to support many charity events and sport competitions at national and international level. Our CP Olot Team Big Show will be attending the Roller Skating Championship that will take place in Colombia next 14th to 27th of September.

Supporting these activities is a direct way of communicating our values to our consumers, helping kids, teens and adults have fun while enjoying their passion for sport and nonprofit events.